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  • Designed around backpack workflow with microwave available when backpack signals are not.
  • Roof-mounted Pack-Pod boosts backpack signal strength Flexible power suite includes simple inverter system, shore power, and auxiliary generator for occasional heavy loads.
  • Ideal for cloud-based editing, IP Newsgathering, and remote weather-casting Windshield camera captures video on- the-move during weather-related live shots.
  • ENG backpack offers WiFi hotspot and optional encoder for truck microwave system.
  • ENG vehicle expands backpack live shots with microwave, enhanced IFB, color bars, and heavy power.
  • New Ford Transit Connect offers more space for editing and increased fuel efficiency

Available Options

  • 25-42-ft telescopic mast
  • Ku-Band or Ka-Band SNG system (adds SNG including extra backpack bandwidth in place of mast)
  • HD Eagle Sye camera system (requires telescopic mast option)